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Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery

Our service is all about helping you get value from your old IT equipment, in specific Laptops, Desktops, Monitors. We take a close look at the age of these items, how well your equipment is working, hardware specifications, and figure out how much it’s worth in the market.

When you use our service, you’re not only getting back some money, but you’re also doing something great for the environment. Keeping equipment in use for a longer time is better for the Earth.

We carefully examine the condition of the IT equipment and determine its market value. Then, we offer you a fair price. This offer is based on a rate that we agreed upon earlier*.

This approach has benefits for both your finances and the environment. You receive a financial boost from the value of your equipment, and at the same time, you contribute to the circular economy by giving your equipment a second life through reuse and refurbishment.

Our mission is to help you save money while making a positive impact on the planet. By using our service, you become a part of the solution for a more sustainable future.

(*Applicable to equipment that is still in good working condition and less that 4 years old)