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Data Destruction

Data Destruction

Our Certified Data Destruction Service

At the forefront of our concerns lies data security. Through our certified service for secure data destruction, we provide an assurance that all data on your media devices will be completely erased. This meticulous process leaves no trace, significantly lowering the risk of unauthorized data access.

Our chosen tool is Blancco, a universally acclaimed software standard renowned for its data erasure capabilities. Blancco adheres strictly to the security protocols stipulated by both the Australian authorities and the US Department of Defense, the safe guarders of highly sensitive information.

Total Physical Destruction

For those seeking to push their data’s security even further, we offer an exceptional alternative. Our total physical destruction service involves the comprehensive destruction of hard drive, making any subsequent data retrieval efforts completely futile. This approach is comparable to locking and sealing a vault, guaranteeing that the contents within remain impervious to external access.

Certificate of Assurance

We issue a certificate that serves as a testament to our data handling practices. This certificate functions as a receipt, providing indisputable evidence that we have undertaken the data destruction task with meticulous care and precision.