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Specialist in the collection of redundant and 'end of life' IT equipment.

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Our Services


Certified Data Erasure
Your Peace of Mind, Our Commitment to Data Security

Asset Recovery

Our asset recovery service focuses on reclaiming value from your used IT and electronic equipment.

Asset Audit Reporting

Our asset audit reporting service involves a comprehensive assessment of your IT assets.

Data Destruction

All data destruction services will be provided with a certificate of proof of destruction.

Ewaste Recycling

We are committed to responsible ewaste recycling for redundant 'end of life' IT and medical equipment.


We specialize in the seamless decommissioning and deployment of IT assets.

Data Centre

We ensure the highest standards of security and environmental responsibility.

Med Equipment Recycling

Our medical equipment recycling service covers the responsible disposal of medical devices.

Managed Service Provider

We support MSPs and their clients toward eco-friendly ewaste disposal, ensuring seamless sustainability.

About Us

Minimize Risk
Maximize Efficiency
Embrace Sustainability

eWaste Sydney, your Australian-owned and managed solution for responsible electronic waste management. We specialize in recycling and reusing all types of IT and medical equipment, embodying our commitment to environmental sustainability and data security.

NZS 5377

How does it work

The term ewaste, is related to an electronic product that becomes unwanted, not working, or maybe reached the end of its life.


Isolate and classify all electronic equipment that become un-wanted.


Create a list or take a photo of unwanted products including quantities.


Call 1300 66 2300 or email us and discuss with our team about your ewaste.


We will book a collection date and send our team to collect ewaste so we can process it offsite in a safe environment.

Our customers

Since its inception in 2017, eWaste Sydney has assisted more than 600 corporate clients and partnered with over 140 educational institutes.


Questions and Answers

What type of electronic devices you accept?


We accept desktops, laptops, monitors, servers, network devices, mobile phones & most electronics. We don’t accept white goods.

Where you collect from?


We only collect from businesses, If you are a home, please contact your local council.

What do you do with ewaste?


Our approach is underpinned by a “ZERO LANDFILL” policy, affirming our dedication to minimizing environmental impact. Through recycling, refurbishment, and responsible disposal, we ensure no electronic waste ends up in landfills.

How do you wipe hard drives?


A certified secure data destruction service ensures all data are permanently erased from any media devices contain data, mitigating risk of any data breaches.

Can we drop-off?


Drop-Off strictly to our warehouse located near Parramatta. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY DROP OFF TO OUR CITY OFFICE.

How much is the cost?


When you contact us, we will ask few questions about the ewaste items, based on the information provided, we will give an estimate price. Once approved, we can start.

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